Traditional Music

There are several kinds of Khmer traditional music.
Instruments usually used in Khmer traditional music are:

  • Roneat ek: high-pitched xylophone
  • Roneat thung: low-pitched xylophone
  • Khloy: duct or fipple flute
  • Tror so tauch: medium-hight two-stringed fiddle
  • Tror ou: low pitche two-stringed fiddle
  • Krapeu: three-stringed zither
  • Khimm: hammered dulcimer
  • Chhing: small cymbals
  • Thaun-rumaneas: a set of two drums
Wedding Music

Popular Music

Other pages of Khmer pop music
  • Site no1, songs performed by Sin Sisamuth and Ruos SereiSothea
  • Site no2, songs performed songs by Sin Sisamuth and Ruos SereiSothea
  • Site no3, songs performed by other singers

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